Day walks: Our club walks are graded by the leaders into one of five categories. Levels range from easy through to hard.

These walks depart every second Wednesday and Sunday morning for most of the year. Walks are usually 5-6 hours duration and could return late in the day. These locations are usually not more than 1-2 hours by vehicle from the meeting place. Members carpool where possible before the start of a walk to help reduce the number of cars at the start of the walk as well as help cut the cost of travel. We recommend that you consider offering to help with fuel costs if you are accepting a lift to or from a walk.

The Tablelands Bushwalking Club has a trip membership (visitor) fee which gives you membership as an individual only for the duration of a single trip, excluding any voting rights – $5.00 per day

Visitors are required to take reasonable care to avoid activities that expose the Club to unreasonable risk of loss or liability and avoid exposing any person, including other participants in an activity to unreasonable risk of injury or loss.

Visitors are to complete and sign, on the day, an Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Temporary Members (Visitors).

Visitors are responsible for determining if they are capable of doing an activity, and are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing, based on personal judgement and their own level of risk acceptance. Before any activity starts, visitors are to notify the activity leader of any medical or other physical condition that could impact on their ability to safely complete the activity.